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Getting rid of referral spam in google analytics

On I am using google analytics (GA) to get an overview of the usage (like more than 50% of websites, if you want to limit tracking, think about extensions to disallow sending data to GA, like Ghostery available for Chrome or firefox). Recently I have seen a number of visitors abo...


Wikimedia metrics API

On 16th November 2015, the Analytics team of the Wikimedia Foundation officially announced the long awaited Pageview API. Till now, if you wanted to get figures about wikipedia articles views, you either had to download huge data files, or use that is the external tool su...


Flat file CMS: let's try it!

Even if is not meant to become a huge project, as its primary goal is to be a technical sandbox, I have been using (and discovering) different tools to create it. And the need for a place to store some explanations about them occured shortly after the first lines of code had been writt...