Présentation du projet

Le but de ce blog est de rendre compte du développement de mon premier projet autour d'un raspberry Pi, à savoir la construction d'un jukebox utilisable de manière autonome par un enfant.

Les grandes lignes du projet sont les suivantes :

  • une boîte "tout-en-un", c'est à dire un simple cable d'...

When I first installed grav for this blog, the admin plugin was pretty new and it was not that easy to install grav on OVH (at least on a PRO hosting) because of a limitation with their SSH access which does not allow downloading internet data from the command line. Grav relies heavily on bin/gr...

Flat file CMS: let's try it!

Even if is not meant to become a huge project, as its primary goal is to be a technical sandbox, I have been using (and discovering) different tools to create it. And the need for a place to store some explanations about them occured shortly after the first lines of code had been writt...