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Install Sketchup on ubuntu 20.04

29. Apr. 2020

Some notes on installing Sketchup make on ubuntu 20.04 (should work, not tested from scratch):

Install Dot net 4.5.2 (not sure it's useful)

Based on run the following :

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/winedotnet wineboot --init
env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/winedotnet winetricks dotnet452 corefonts

 Install Sketchup

We are installing the sketchup make 2017 version, enough for me. Based on

export WINEARCH=win64
winetricks vcrun2013 vcrun2015 corefonts
winetricks win7
# Not sur the above works, seems better when launching winetricks, default config then in settings selecting win7.
# Download from
wine sketchupmake-2017-2-2555-90782-en-x64-exe

All the steps take a lot of time and many errors are displayed, but it seems to work.