Bloc-notes de Sylvain

Flat file CMS: let's try it!

Even if is not meant to become a huge project, as its primary goal is to be a technical sandbox, I have been using (and discovering) different tools to create it. And the need for a place to store some explanations about them occured shortly after the first lines of code had been written so I have been looking around for a simple way of blogging some information related to the project.

Having heard more and more about the so called flat file CMS systems in the past months I thought it might be a good idea to give them a try, so be ready to see some posts there explaining my adventure with the one I have chosen: Grav. To be frankly honest, don't rely on me if you are looking for the best solution as the benchmark I have done was very basic, just going though the different websites of the main solutions (Pico, Statamic ...).

So basically, why have I chosen Grav?